Ten Ways to Make Your House More Sellable

These are actions you can take to better present your house.
What are the most important ways to prepare your house for sale.
How can I do these things in a cost effective manner?

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Ten ways to make your house more sellable

1. Fix anything you know is broke. Needed minor repairs can create a bad impression and convince the prospective buyer that the house is not well maintained. Correct any moisture problem.

2. Clean up the clutter. Dispose of trash. Store out of season clothing to make the closets appear roomier. Clean out your garage, shed, and basement.

3. Paint interior walls white or a neutral light beige.

4. Paint the exterior of the home as needed.

5. Get rid of smells. Clean anything that smells. Clean or replace carpet. Cat urine smell is extremely hard to clean up. Carpet and padding replacement may be the only solution.

6. Have a pre-inspection Be sure you have no surprises. An early inspection will permit you to have repairs completed in a timely manner and at a lower cost. Last minute repairs can be very costly.

7. Mow your yard, trim the bushes, edge and blow clean the driveway and walks.

8. Clean your windows. Turn on your lights during showings. Brighter rooms present better.

9. Remove or restrain pets during showings.

10. Leave your home during the showings and let the agent sell your home.

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Ten ways to make your house more sellable
Ten ways to speed up your home sale

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